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July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015
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Welcome to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ Performance Dashboard. This site is designed to provide accountability through transparency, and allows you the ability to track our progress at meeting performance measures and standards established for the 2014-15 fiscal year.

The gauges above represent the Department’s four primary goals:

· Public Safety - Protect the lives and security of our residents and visitors through enforcement, service, and education.
· Reliable Service Delivery - Provide efficient and effective services that meet or exceed the needs of our customers and stakeholders.
· Leverage Technology - Build upon the Department’s successful integration of technology into the way we do business.
· Talent Creation and Development - Build a business environment that regards our members as our most valuable resource.

By clicking on each gauge, the Performance Dashboard allows you to monitor our performance at various levels. These performance measures and standards reflect our continuing commitment to public safety and security through excellence in service, education and enforcement.

I invite you to monitor our progress throughout the year as we work to create our vision of a safer Florida! For more information about our Performance Dashboard, click here.

                                                                          Terry L. Rhodes       

                                                                          Executive Director

Need Help? If you have questions or concerns about DHSMV’s Performance Dashboard, please contact the Office of Performance Management by email OPM-Services@flhsmv.gov or by phone at (850)617-3033.