Driver License Status Information

Suspension - Failed to Pay Court Obligations
Your driving privilege has been suspended for failure to pay court financial obligations. You will need to obtain an affidavit from the court and pay a $60.00 reinstatement fee to clear each suspension of this type (for example, 2 failures to pay court financial obligations suspensions = $60.00 x 2). This affidavit must be dated within 30 days of reinstatement and state:
  • You have satisfied the financial obligation in full or made all payments currently due under a payment plan or
  • You have entered into a written agreement for payment of the financial obligation if not presently enrolled in a payment plan or
  • The court has ordered the reinstatement of the license.
For the fastest service, take the affidavit and fee(s) to your local driver license office.
To clear within 7-10 days of receipt by DHSMV, mail the affidavit along with a check made payable to DDL to:
PO Box 5775
Tallahassee, FL 32314-5775
Be sure your name and driver license number are included. After 7-10 days you may verify your record has been updated by visiting this website and entering your driver license number in the driver license check.

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